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Planning problems

Problem name and type, featuresDifficulty
C‑1 Planning the production of bicycles: Production planning (single product) ***
modeling inventory balance; inline if, forall-do
C‑2 Production of drinking glasses: Multi-item production planning **
modeling stock balance constraints; inline if, index value 0
C‑3 Material requirement planning: Material requirement planning (MRP) **
working with index (sub)sets, dynamic initialization, finalize, create, as
C‑4 Planning the production of electronic components: Multi-item production planning **
modeling stock balance constraints; inline if
C‑5 Planning the production of fiberglass: Production planning with time-dependent production cost ***
representation of multi-period production as flow; encoding of arcs, exists, create, isodd, getlast, inline if
C‑6 Assignment of production batches to machines: Generalized assignment problem *

Further explanation of this example: 'Applications of optimization with Xpress-MP', Chapter 8: Production planning[download all files]

Source Files

Data Files


   Mosel Example Problems

   file c6assign.mos
   Machine assignment for production batches
   (c) 2008 Fair Isaac Corporation
       author: S. Heipcke, Mar. 2002

model "C-6 Machine assignment"
 uses "mmxprs"

  MACH = 1..5                        ! Set of machines
  PRODS = 1..10                      ! Set of production batches

  CAP: array(MACH) of integer        ! Machine capacities
  DUR: array(MACH,PRODS) of integer  ! Production durations
  COST: array(MACH,PRODS) of integer ! Production costs

  use: array(MACH,PRODS) of mpvar    ! 1 if machine assigned to batch,
                                     ! 0 otherwise

 initializations from 'c6assign.dat'

! Objective: total production cost
 Cost:= sum(m in MACH, p in PRODS) COST(m,p)*use(m,p)

! Assign a single machine to every batch
 forall(p in PRODS) sum(m in MACH) use(m,p) = 1

! Limits on machine capacities
 forall(m in MACH) sum(p in PRODS) DUR(m,p)*use(m,p) <= CAP(m)

 forall(m in MACH, p in PRODS) use(m,p) is_binary

! Solve the problem
! Solution printing
 writeln("Total cost: ",getobjval)
 forall(m in MACH) do
  write("Machine ", m, ": ")
  forall(p in PRODS) 
   if (getsol(use(m,p))=1) then
    write(p, " ")
  writeln(" (total duration: ", getsol(sum(p in PRODS) DUR(m,p)*use(m,p)), ")")


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