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Passing an array from a Mosel model to a Java method

Demonstrates constructing an array of reals in a Mosel model, then passing this to a Java method which returns the sum of the values, and finally displaying the returned sum from Mosel. You must compile the Java file before running the example - e.g. javac[download all files]

Source Files


   file passarray.mos
   a model that demonstrates passing an array from Mosel to a Java method

   (c) 2016 Fair Isaac Corporation
       author: J. Farmer, 2016

model myModel
  uses 'mosjvm'
    classAndMethodName = "PassArray.sumValues"
    result: real
    values: dynamic array(0..9) of real
  ! Set to initial array elements
  values(0) := 1
  values(1) := 5
  values(2) := 10
  values(7) := 10
  ! Abort model if we encounter a Java exception

  ! Tell Java to look for classes in work directory

  ! Call into Java to sum values
  ! (missing values in the array will be passed to Java as 0)
  result := jvmcallreal( classAndMethodName, values )
  ! Output result
  writeln('Sum of values: ',result)

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