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Switching to solving with Xpress Optimizer

Passing from Mosel to solving with Xpress Solver (requires burglar4.mos, burglar.dat)

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   Mosel User Guide Example Problems

   file ugxprs1.c
   Passing from Mosel to solving with Xpress Optimizer.
   Running the BIM file.
   (c) 2008 Fair Isaac Corporation
       author: S. Heipcke, 2001, rev. Nov. 2010

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "xprm_rt.h"
#include "xprs.h"

#ifdef _WIN64
#define strtoadr _strtoui64
#define strtoadr strtoul

int main()
 XPRMmodel mod;
 XPRMdsolib dso;
 XPRMalltypes rvalue;
 XPRSprob prob;
 int result, ncol, len, i;
 double *sol, val;
 char *names, *onecol;

 if(XPRMinit())                         /* Initialize Mosel */
  return 1;

 if((mod=XPRMloadmod("burglar4.bim",NULL))==NULL)  /* Load a BIM file */
  return 2;
 if(XPRMrunmod(mod,&result,NULL))       /* Run the model (no optimization) */
  return 3;

  /* Retrieve the pointer to the problem loaded in the Xpress Optimizer */
  return 4;             
 if(XPRMgetdsoparam(mod, dso, "xprs_problem", &result, &rvalue))
  return 5;

 XPRSchgobjsense(prob, XPRS_OBJ_MAXIMIZE);  /* Set sense to maximization */
 if(XPRSmipoptimize(prob, ""))              /* Solve the problem */
  return 6;

 if(XPRSgetintattrib(prob, XPRS_MIPSTATUS, &result))
  return 7;                             /* Test whether a solution is found */

 if((result==XPRS_MIP_SOLUTION) || (result==XPRS_MIP_OPTIMAL))
  if(XPRSgetdblattrib(prob, XPRS_MIPOBJVAL, &val))
   return 8;  
  printf("Objective value: %g\n", val); /* Print the objective function value */
  if(XPRSgetintattrib(prob, XPRS_ORIGINALCOLS, &ncol))
   return 9; 
  if((sol = (double *)malloc(ncol * sizeof(double)))==NULL)
   return 10;
  if(XPRSgetmipsol(prob, sol, NULL))
   return 11;                           /* Get the primal solution values */
  if(XPRSgetnamelist(prob, 2, NULL, 0, &len, 0, ncol-1))
   return 11;                           /* Get the name array length */
  if((names = (char *)malloc(len*sizeof(char)))==NULL)
   return 12;
  if(XPRSgetnamelist(prob, 2, names, len, NULL, 0, ncol-1))
   return 13;                           /* Get the variable names */
  onecol = names;
  for(i=0; i<ncol; i++) {               /* Print out the solution */
    printf("%s: %g\n", onecol, sol[i]);
    onecol = onecol+strlen(onecol)+1;
 return 0;

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