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MAXSAT solving via MIP

Using boolvar with and/or/not constraints, retrieving the associated mpvar for the formulation of the objective function, solution reporting for boolvar.

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   Mosel Example Problems

   file nrm_10_4_1.mos
   MAXSAT solving with Mosel.

   -- Mosel version of the problem instance normalized-mds_10_4_1.opb --

   (c) 2020 Fair Isaac Corporation
       author: Y.Colombani, Jun. 2020

model nrm_10_4_1
uses 'mmxprs'

 x: array(1..10) of boolvar

not x(1) and x(4) or not x(1) and x(7) or not x(1) and x(8) or not x(1) and x(6) or not x(1) and x(3) or not x(1) and x(5) or not x(1) and x(9) or x(1)
not x(2) and x(4) or not x(2) and x(6) or not x(2) and x(7) or not x(2) and x(3) or not x(2) and x(5) or x(2)
x(1) and not x(3) or x(2) and not x(3) or not x(3) and x(10) or not x(3) and x(8) or not x(3) and x(5) or not x(3) and x(9) or x(3)
x(1) and not x(4) or x(2) and not x(4) or not x(4) and x(10) or not x(4) and x(7) or not x(4) and x(9) or x(4)
x(1) and not x(5) or x(2) and not x(5) or x(3) and not x(5) or not x(5) and x(7) or x(5)
x(1) and not x(6) or x(2) and not x(6) or not x(6) and x(9) or not x(6) and x(8) or not x(6) and x(10) or x(6)
x(1) and not x(7) or x(2) and not x(7) or x(4) and not x(7) or x(5) and not x(7) or x(7)
x(1) and not x(8) or x(3) and not x(8) or x(6) and not x(8) or not x(8) and x(10) or x(8)
x(1) and not x(9) or x(3) and not x(9) or x(4) and not x(9) or x(6) and not x(9) or x(9)
x(3) and not x(10) or x(4) and not x(10) or x(6) and not x(10) or x(8) and not x(10) or x(10)

! Solve as MAXSAT problem and report solution values
 minimise(sum(i in 1..10) x(i).var)
 writeln("Obj:", getobjval)
 forall(i in 1..10) writeln("x(",i,")=", x(i).sol)

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