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Retrieving data from a Mosel model

Description Using sets in Mosel (requires burglari.bim)
  • retrieve a set by its model name
  • get the set size
  • get first and last set element
  • get the name or index of a set element Using arrays with index sets (requires trans.bim)
  • get indexing sets of an array
  • get array type
  • enumerate array entries in usual and transposed order
  • enumerate true array entries Using lists in Mosel (requires euler.mos and euler.dat)
  • retrieve a list by its model name
  • get the list size
  • enumerate the list elements
  • get value of list element Using records in Mosel (requires burglar_rec.mos and burglar_rec.dat)
  • retrieve an array of records (user type) by its model name
  • retrieve the record field information (field name, type, and number)
  • enumerate the array of records
  • for each array entry (record) get the value of all its fields Accessing problems and solution information with Mosel (requires blend2.bim)
  • export problem to a file (MPS or LP format)
  • get problem status
  • get objective function value
  • get primal/dual solution values, and constraint activity
Note that these examples require the provided mos files to be pre-compiled.

Further explanation of this example: 'Mosel Library Reference javadoc'

Source Files
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Data Files

/*  Mosel Library Examples                              */
/*  ======================                              */
/*                                                      */
/*  file                                   */
/*  `````````````````                                   */
/*  Example for the use of the Mosel libraries          */
/*  (accessing sets in Mosel)                           */
/*                                                      */
/*  (c) 2008 Fair Isaac Corporation                     */
/*      author: S. Heipcke, 2004                        */

import com.dashoptimization.*;

public class mmexset
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
 XPRM mosel;
 XPRMModel mod;
 XPRMSet set;
 int first,last;

 mosel=new XPRM();                          // Initialize Mosel
 mod=mosel.loadModel("Models/burglari.bim");// Load a BIM file;                                 // Run the model

 set=(XPRMSet)mod.findIdentifier("ITEMS"); // Get the model object named 'ITEMS'
                                           // it must be a set
  first = set.getFirstIndex();       // Get the number of the first index
  last = set.getLastIndex();         // Get the number of the last index
  System.out.println("Elements of set ITEMS:");
  for(int i=first;i<=last;i++)       // Print names of all set elements
   System.out.print(" " + set.getAsString(i) + ",");

 if(set.getIndex("CD player")<0)
  System.out.println("'CD player' is not contained in 'ITEMS'."); 

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