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Delivery: Infeasibility analysis with IIS

A simple supply and demand network example demonstrating infeasibility analysis with IIS.
  • simple LP model
  • data input from file
  • retrieving IIS and printing out the names of all variables and constraints contained in the sets

Source Files

Data Files


  Mosel Example Problems

  file delvriis.mos
  Transportation problem (infeasible data).
  Retrieving and printing IIS.

  (c) 2008 Fair Isaac Corporation
      author: S.Heipcke, 2007, rev. Sep. 2018

model Delivery                      ! Start a new model
 uses "mmxprs","mmetc"              ! Load the optimizer and ETC libraries

 public declarations
  RSupp = 1..10                     ! Range of suppliers
  RCust = 1..7                      ! Range of customers
  VANCAP = 40                       ! Capacity on routes that use vans

  COST: array(RSupp,RCust) of real  ! Unit delivery cost on route supplier
                                    ! -> customer
  SUPPLY: array(RSupp) of real      ! Amount available from each supplier
  DEMAND: array(RCust) of real      ! Amount required by each customer
  IFVAN: array(RSupp,RCust) of integer    ! Non-zero if route uses vans
                                          ! instead of lorries

  flow: array(RSupp,RCust) of mpvar       ! Amount delivered from each
                                          ! supplier s to each customer c
  Demand: dynamic array(RCust) of linctr  ! Demand qty constraints
  Supply: dynamic array(RSupp) of linctr  ! Supply limit constraints

                                    ! Read data from file (dense format)
 diskdata(ETC_IN, "cost.dat", COST)
 diskdata(ETC_IN, "ifvan.dat", IFVAN)

                                    ! Assign some data arrays
! Supplier:     London  Luton  B'ham Bristl  Derby Stckpt   York
 SUPPLY:: (1..7)[140.0, 200.0,  50.0,  10.0, 400.0, 200.0,  20.0]
! Supplier:      Derby  Soton Scnthp
 SUPPLY:: (8..10)[90.0,  30.0,  12.0]

! Customer: London Livpol Doncst   York   Hull  Manchr Shffld
 DEMAND::  [1230.3, 560.4, 117.1, 592.8, 310.0, 1247.0,  86.0]

                                    ! Objective: Minimise total cost
 MinCost:= sum(s in RSupp,c in RCust) COST(s,c)*flow(s,c)

                                    ! Satisfy demand of each customer
 forall(c in RCust | c<=4)
   Demand(c):= sum(s in RSupp | s<=5) flow(s,c) >= DEMAND(c)
 forall(c in RCust | c>4)
   Demand(c):= sum(s in RSupp | s>5) flow(s,c) >= DEMAND(c)

                                    ! Keep within supply at each supplier
 forall(s in RSupp | s<=5)
   Supply(s):= sum(c in RCust | c<=4) flow(s,c) <= SUPPLY(s)
 forall(s in RSupp | s>5)
   Supply(s):= sum(c in RCust | c>4) flow(s,c) <= SUPPLY(s)

 forall(s in RSupp,c in RCust| IFVAN(s,c) <> 0) flow(s,c) <= VANCAP

 minimise(MinCost)                  ! Solve the LP-problem

! **** Print out the IIS ****
  V: set of mpvar
  C: set of linctr
  Ctype,Btype,Vtype: array(integer) of string
  BndType: dynamic array(mpvar) of integer
  CtrType: dynamic array(linctr) of integer
 Btype::([XPRS_IIS_LEQ, XPRS_IIS_GEQ, XPRS_IIS_RNG, XPRS_IIS_EQ])["upper bd","lower bd","range","fixed"]
         ["binary","integer","partial int","semi-cont","semi-cont int"]

 if getprobstat=XPRS_INF then
   getiis(0, V, C)                  ! Retrieve the IIS approximation
   writeln("IIS approximation")
   write("  variables: "); forall(v in V) write(getname(v), " "); writeln
   write("  constraints: "); forall(c in C) write(getname(c), " "); writeln
   getiis({},{})                    ! Generate all IIS
   numiis:= getparam("XPRS_NUMIIS") ! Retrieve the total number of IIS
   writeln("Total IIS:", numiis)
   forall(i in 1..numiis) do
     getiis(i, V, C)                ! Retrieve the i'th IIS
     delcell(BndType); getiis(i, BndType)
     delcell(CtrType); getiis(i, CtrType)
     writeln("IIS ", i)
     write("  variables: ")
     forall(v in V) write(getname(v), "[", Btype(getiissense(BndType(v))), 
       " ", Vtype(getiistype(BndType(v))), "] "); writeln
     write("  constraints: "); 
     forall(c in C) write(getname(c), "[", Ctype(CtrType(c)),"] "); writeln

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