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Economics and finance

Problem name and type, featuresDifficultyRelated examples
H‑1 Choice of loans *
calculation of net present value
H‑2 Publicity campaign *
H‑3 Portfolio selection ** h7qportf.mos
sets of integers, second formulation with semi-continuous, parameters
H‑4 Financing an early retirement scheme **
inline if, selection with `|'
H‑5 Family budget **
formulation of monthly balance constraints including different payment frequencies; as, mod, inline if, selection with `|'
H‑6 Choice of expansion projects ** capbgt_graph.mos
experiment with solutions: solve LP problem explicitly, ``round'' some almost integer variable and re-solve
H‑7 Mean variance portfolio selection: Quadratic Programming problem *** folioqp_graph.mos
parameters, forall-do, min, max, loop over problem solving

Further explanation of this example: 'Applications of optimization with Xpress-MP', Chapter 13: Economics and finance problems[download all files]

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   Mosel Example Problems

   file h1loan.mos
   Choice of loans

   A chain of shops aims to open three new shops located in 
   different cities. An associated opening cost with each 
   shop is given. To finance this project, the company can 
   get loans from three different banks which offer a maximum 
   loan amount and different rates for the different shop 
   projects. To minimize the company's total cost, how much
   money should be borrowed from each bank to finance 
   each shop?

   This LP model minimizes the sum of annual interest payments
   that the company must make. A set of constraints ensures that
   the borrowed amount for each shop is equal to its opening 
   cost. Another set of constraints guarantees, for each bank, 
   that the company borrows at most the maximum loan amount 
   offered by the bank.

   (c) 2008-2022 Fair Isaac Corporation
       author: S. Heipcke, Mar. 2002, rev. Mar. 2022

model "H-1 Loan choice"
 uses "mmxprs"

  BANKS = 1..3                         ! Set of banks
  SHOPS = {"London", "Munich", "Rome"} ! Set of shops
  DUR: integer                         ! Duration of loans
  PRICE: array(SHOPS) of integer       ! Price of shops
  RATE: array(BANKS,SHOPS) of real     ! Interest rates offered by banks
  VMAX: integer                        ! Maximum loan volume per bank
  borrow: array(BANKS,SHOPS) of mpvar  ! Loan taken from banks per project

 initializations from 'h1loan.dat'

! Objective: interest payments
  sum(b in BANKS, s in SHOPS) borrow(b,s)*RATE(b,s)/(1-(1+RATE(b,s))^(-DUR))

! Finance all projects
 forall(s in SHOPS) sum(b in BANKS) borrow(b,s) = PRICE(s)
! Keep within maximum loan volume per bank
 forall(b in BANKS) sum(s in SHOPS) borrow(b,s) <= VMAX 

! Solve the problem
! Solution printing
 writeln("Total interest: ", getobjval)
 forall(s in SHOPS) do
  write("Shop in ", s, ": ")
  forall(b in BANKS | getsol(borrow(b,s))>0) 
   write(" bank ", b, ": ", getsol(borrow(b,s))/1000000, " million")

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