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Launching Mosel from Excel using VBA


This example demonstrates how to launch Xpress Mosel from a VBA script within Microsoft Excel and retrieve the results of running a model.

When a spreadsheet is open within Excel, Excel places a read-only lock on the file such that the ODBC driver cannot write to the spreadsheet. This means that if you execute a model within Mosel, either from the command line console or via Xpress Workbench, the spreadsheet must be closed if you wish to export data from the model to the spreadsheet via ODBC.

This example shows how to avoid this problem by retrieving the results using the VBA interface to Mosel, and then manually writing the data to the spreadsheet. ODBC is used by the model to read the input data from the spreadsheet, but is NOT used to output the results.[download all files]

Source Files
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Data Files


   Mosel Example Problems

   file excelmosel1.mos
   Small MIP problem reading data from Excel.
   (c) 2008 Fair Isaac Corporation

model "excelmosel1"
 uses  "mmxprs"

  DATA_XLS = 'excelmosel1.xls'

  ROWS= 1..4
  COLS= 1..4
  COEFFS: array(ROWS, COLS) of real     ! Constraint coefficients
  COSTS: array(COLS) of real            ! Objective coefficients
  RHS_p,RHS_v: array(ROWS) of real      ! RHS terms
  vars: array(COLS) of mpvar            ! Decision variables
  sol: array(COLS) of real              ! Solution values
 forall(j in COLS)
  vars(j) is_integer

 setparam("XPRS_VERBOSE", true)
 setparam("XPRS_LOADNAMES", true)

! Retrieve data from Excel
 initialisations from 'mmsheet.excel:'+ DATA_XLS
  COSTS as 'noindex;costs'
  COEFFS as 'coeffs'
  RHS_p as 'noindex;rhs_p'
  RHS_v as 'noindex;rhs_v'

! Define the optimization problem
 MaxObj := sum(j in COLS) COSTS(j)*vars(j)
 forall(i in ROWS) 
  sum(j in COLS) COEFFS(i,j) * vars(j) <= (RHS_p(i) + RHS_v(i)) * 10

! Solve the problem

 writeln("MaxObj: ", getsol(MaxObj))

! Save and display the solution
 forall (j in COLS) do
  sol(j) := getsol(vars(j))

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