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Apply a binary fixing heuristic to an unpresolved MIP problem


We take a production plan model and solve its LP relaxation.

Next we fix those binary variables that are very near zero to 0.0, and those that are almost one to 1.0, by changing their respective upper and lower bounds. Finally, we solve the modified problem as a MIP.

This heuristic will speed up solution - though may fail to optimse the problem.

The results are displayed on screen and the problem statistics stored in a log file.[download all files]

Source Files
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Data Files


Imports System
Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
Imports Optimizer
Imports System.IO

Module FixBV
    Private Const TOL As Double = 0.0005      ' Tolerance on binary variables

    Public Sub RunFixBV(ByRef Log As TextWriter)
            Const sProblem As String = "coco"                 ' Problem name
            Const sLogFile As String = "fixbv.log"            ' Log file name

            Dim nCol As Integer                 ' Number of columns

            ' Global problem information
            Dim nGlEnt As Integer               ' Number of global entities: binary, integer,
                                                ' semi-continuous and partial integer variables
            Dim nSet As Integer                 ' Number of S1 and S2 sets
            Dim pGlInd() As Integer             ' Column indices of the global entities
            Dim pGlType() As Char               ' Global entity types

            ' Bound changes
            Dim pBndInd() As Integer            ' Column indices of the bounds to be changed
            Dim pBndType() As Char              ' New bound type
            Dim pBndVal() As Double             ' New bound values
            Dim nBnd As Integer                 ' Bound counter
            Dim i As Integer                    ' Loop counter
            Dim j As Integer                    ' Holder for the bound indices

            ' Solution information
            Dim x() As Double                   ' LP solution values
            Dim nGlStatus As Integer            ' Global status
            Dim nNodes As Integer               ' Number of nodes solves so far in global search
            Dim dObjVal As Double               ' Objective value of the best integer solution

            ' Initialise Optimizer

            Dim prob As XPRSprob
            prob = New XPRSprob

            ' Delete and define log file
            If (File.Exists(sLogFile)) Then
            End If

            ' Tell Optimizer to call HandleOptimizerMessage whenever a message is output
            prob.AddMessageCallback(New Optimizer.MessageCallback(AddressOf HandleOptimizerMessage), Log)

            ' Turn off presolve and permit no cuts - to slow down solution and allow
            ' the effect of the heuristic to be seen
            prob.Presolve = 0
            prob.CutStrategy = 0

            ' Read the problem file
            prob.ReadProb(frmMain.sDataDirPath & "/" & sProblem, "")

            ' Solve the LP relaxation

            ' Get the number of columns
            nCol = prob.Cols

            ' Allocate memory for solution array and check for memory shortage
            ReDim x(nCol - 1)

            ' Solve the LP

            ' Get the LP solution values
            prob.GetSol(x, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing)

            ' Fix the binary variables that are at their bounds

            ' Allocate memory for gloval entity arrays
            ReDim pGlInd(nCol - 1)
            ReDim pGlType(nCol - 1)

            ' Get global entity information
            prob.GetGlobal(nGlEnt, nSet, pGlType, pGlInd, Nothing, Nothing, DirectCast(Nothing, Long()), Nothing, Nothing)

            ' Allocate memory for bound arrays
            ReDim pBndInd(nGlEnt - 1)
            ReDim pBndVal(nGlEnt - 1)
            ReDim pBndType(nGlEnt - 1)

            ' Initialise the bound counter
            nBnd = 0

            ' Go through the gloval entities
            For i = 0 To nGlEnt - 1
                ' Test whether each is a binary variable
                If (pGlType(i) = "B") Then
                    ' Hold the index of the BV
                    j = pGlInd(i)

                    ' If the value of the BV is within TOL of zero, store its index,
                    '   set its upper bound to 0, and increment the bound counter
                    If (x(j) <= TOL) Then
                        pBndInd(nBnd) = j
                        pBndType(nBnd) = "U"
                        pBndVal(nBnd) = 0.0
                        nBnd = nBnd + 1

                        ' If the value of the BV is within TOL of one, store its index,
                        '   set its lower bound to 1, and increment the bound counter
                    ElseIf ((1 - x(j)) <= TOL) Then
                        pBndInd(nBnd) = j
                        pBndType(nBnd) = "L"
                        pBndVal(nBnd) = 1.0
                        nBnd = nBnd + 1
                    End If
                End If

            ' Instruct the Optimizer to change the bounds of the appropriate BVs,
            '   and tell the user how many have been fixed
            prob.ChgBounds(nBnd, pBndInd, pBndType, pBndVal)

            Log.WriteLine("Solving problem {0} with a binary fixing heuristic" & _
                          vbCrLf & vbCrLf, sProblem)
            Log.WriteLine("   After the LP optiziation {0} binary variables were fixed" & _
                          vbCrLf & vbCrLf, nBnd)

            ' Solve the modified problem as a MIP

            ' Search for an integer solution

            ' Get th enumber of nodes solved in the global search
            nNodes = prob.Nodes

            ' Get the objective value of the best integer solution
            dObjVal = prob.MIPObjVal

            ' Check the global status and display the results of the global search
            nGlStatus = prob.MIPStatus

            Select Case nGlStatus
                Case 0
                    Log.WriteLine("  Problem has not been loaded")
                Case 1
                    Log.WriteLine("  Search has not begun - LP has not been optimised")
                Case 2
                    Log.WriteLine("  Search has not begun - LP has been optimised")
                Case 3
                    Log.WriteLine("  Search interrupted - No integer solution was found")
                Case 4
                    Log.WriteLine("  Search interrupted - Integer solution found: %g", dObjVal)
                Case 5
                    Log.WriteLine("  No integer solution was found")
                Case 6
                    Log.WriteLine("  Integer solution found: {0}", dObjVal)
            End Select
            Log.WriteLine(vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "The MIP optimisation took {0} nodes" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf, nNodes)

            ' Destroy the problem and free the optimizer

        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try
    End Sub

    Private Sub HandleOptimizerMessage(ByVal prob As Optimizer.XPRSprob, ByVal data As Object, _
                                       ByVal message As String, ByVal len As Integer, _
                                       ByVal msglvl As Integer)
        Dim log As TextWriter
        log = data
        If (msglvl = 3 Or msglvl = 4) Then
        End If
    End Sub

End Module

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