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Polygon construction under constraints

The set of examples describe models to create a polygon with various constraints and goals:
  • Polygon is formulated by algebraic expressions (polygon1.mos)
  • Polygon is formulated by a user function (polygon2.mos)
  • Polygon is formulated by a user procedure (polygon3.mos)
  • Polygon is defined by a function present in Java (polygon8.mos,
  • Polygon is defined by a function present in Java returning its own derivatives (polygon8_delta.mos,

Source Files

Data Files


   Mosel NL examples
   file polygon1.mos
   Maximize the area of polygon of N vertices and diameter of 1. 
   The position of vertices is indicated as (rho,theta) coordinates
   where rho denotes the distance to the base point (vertex with number N) 
   and theta the angle from the x-axis.
   -- Formulation using direct algebraic expressions --
   (c) 2008 Fair Issac Corporation
       Creation: 2002, rev. Feb. 2013

model "Polygon 1"
 uses "mmxnlp"

  N=5                               ! Number of vertices
  SOLVER=0                          ! 0: SLP, 1: Knitro
  RN = 1..N
  Area: nlctr
  rho : array(RN) of mpvar          ! Distance of vertex from the base point
  theta : array(RN) of mpvar        ! Angle from x-axis
  D: array(RN,RN) of nlctr          ! Limit on side length

! Objective: sum of areas
 Area:= (sum (i in 2..N-1) (rho(i)*rho(i-1)*sin(theta(i)-theta(i-1)))) * 0.5

! Bounds and start values for decision variables
 forall(i in 1..N-1) do
  rho(i) >= 0.1
  rho(i) <= 1
  setinitval(rho(i), 4*i*(N + 1 - i)/((N+1)^2))
  setinitval(theta(i), M_PI*i/N)
! Third side of all triangles <= 1
 forall(i in 1..N-2, j in i+1..N-1)
  D(i,j):= rho(i)^2 + rho(j)^2 - rho(i)*rho(j)*2*cos(theta(j)-theta(i)) <= 1
! Vertices in increasing order
 forall(i in 2..N-1) theta(i) >= theta(i-1) +.01
! Boundary conditions
 theta(N-1) <= M_PI                     ! Last vertex above x-axis

! Optional parameter settings
 setparam("xnlp_verbose", true)         ! Enable XNLP output log
 setparam("xnlp_solver", SOLVER)        ! Select the solver

! Solve the problem

! Solution output
 writeln("Area = ", getobjval)
 forall (i in 1..N-1) 
  writeln("V", i, ": r=", getsol(rho(i)), " theta=", getsol(theta(i)))

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