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Definition of constants of different types

Language extensions provided by this module:
  • constants: integer, real, string, boolean
This functionality can also be implemented by a package.

Further explanation of this example: 'Mosel Native Interface User Guide', Chapter 1 Defining constants; package version: 'Mosel User Guide', Section 16.1 Definition of constants[download all files]

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Data Files


  Mosel NI Examples

  File myconstants.c
  Example module defining 
  of different types.

  (c) 2008 Fair Isaac Corporation
      author: S. Heipcke, 2002

#include <stdlib.h>
#include "xprm_ni.h"

/**** Structures for passing info to Mosel ****/
/* Constants */
static const double tol=0.00001;

static XPRMdsoconst tabconst[]=
     XPRM_CST_INT("MYCST_BIGM",10000),    /* A large integer value */
     XPRM_CST_REAL("MYCST_TOL",tol),      /* A tolerance value */
     XPRM_CST_STRING("MYCST_LINE",        /* String constant */
     XPRM_CST_BOOL("MYCST_FLAG",XPRM_TRUE),     /* Constant with value true */
     XPRM_CST_BOOL("MYCST_NOFLAG",XPRM_FALSE)   /* Constant with value false */

/* Interface structure */
static XPRMdsointer dsointer= 
     sizeof(tabconst)/sizeof(XPRMdsoconst),tabconst, 0,NULL, 0,NULL, 0,NULL

/* Initialize the module library just after loading it */
DSO_INIT myconstants_init(XPRMnifct nifct, int *interver,int *libver, 
  XPRMdsointer **interf)
 *interver=XPRM_NIVERS;     /* Mosel NI version */
 *libver=XPRM_MKVER(0,0,1); /* Module version */
 *interf=&dsointer;         /* Pass info about module contents to Mosel */

 return 0;

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