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Mining and process industries

Problem name and type, featuresDifficulty
A‑1 Production of alloys: Blending problem *
formulation of blending constraints; data with numerical indices, solution printout, if-then, getsol
A‑2 Animal food production: Blending problem *
formulation of blending constraints; data with string indices, as, formatted solution printout, use of getsol with linear expressions, strfmt
A‑3 Refinery : Blending problem **
formulation of blending constraints; sparse data with string indices, dynamic initialization, dynamic arrays, finalize, create, union of sets
A‑4 Cane sugar production : Minimum cost flow (in a bipartite graph) *
ceil, is_binary
A‑5 Opencast mining: Minimum cost flow **
encoding of arcs, solving LP-relaxation only
A‑6 Production of electricity: Dispatch problem **
inline if, is_integer

Further explanation of this example: 'Applications of optimization with Xpress-MP', Chapter 6: Mining and process industries (blending problems)[download all files]

Source Files

Data Files


   Mosel Example Problems

   file a3refine.mos
   Refinery planning
   (c) 2008 Fair Isaac Corporation
       author: S. Heipcke, Feb. 2002

model "A-3 Refinery planning"
 uses "mmxprs"
  CRUDES: set of string                   ! Set of crudes
  ALLPRODS: set of string                 ! Intermediate and final products
  FINAL: set of string                    ! Final products
  IDIST: set of string                    ! Products obtained by distillation
  IREF: set of string                     ! Products obtained by reforming
  ICRACK: set of string                   ! Products obtained by cracking
  IPETROL: set of string                  ! Interm. products for petrol
  IDIESEL: set of string                  ! Interm. products for diesel
  IHO={"hogasoil", "hocrknaphtha", "hocrkgasoil"}  
                                          ! Interm. products for heating oil
  DEM: array(FINAL) of real               ! Min. production
  COST: array(set of string) of real      ! Production costs
  AVAIL: array(CRUDES) of real            ! Crude availability
  OCT, VAP, VOL: array(IPETROL) of real   ! Octane, vapor pressure, and
                                          ! volatility values
  SULF: array(IDIESEL) of real            ! Sulfur contents
  DIST: array(CRUDES,IDIST) of real       ! Composition of crudes (in %)
  REF: array(IREF) of real                ! Results of reforming (in %)
  CRACK: array(ICRACK) of real            ! Results of cracking (in %)

 initializations from 'a3refine.dat'

 finalize(FINAL); finalize(CRUDES); finalize(IPETROL); finalize(IDIESEL) 
 finalize(IDIST); finalize(IREF); finalize(ICRACK)

  use: array(CRUDES) of mpvar             ! Quantities used
  produce: array(ALLPRODS) of mpvar       ! Quantities produced

! Objective function
 Cost:= sum(c in CRUDES) COST(c)*use(c) + sum(p in IDIST) COST(p)*produce(p)

! Relations intermediate products resulting of distillation - raw materials
 forall(p in IDIST) produce(p) <= sum(c in CRUDES) DIST(c,p)*use(c)

! Relations between intermediate products
! Reforming:
 forall(p in IREF) produce(p) <= REF(p)*produce("naphtha")
! Cracking:
 forall(p in ICRACK) produce(p) <= CRACK(p)*produce("residue") 
 produce("crknaphtha") = produce("petcrknaphtha") + 
                         produce("hocrknaphtha") + produce("dslcrknaphtha")
 produce("crkgasoil") = produce("hocrkgasoil") + produce("dslcrkgasoil")
! Desulfurization:
 produce("gasoil") = produce("hogasoil") + produce("dslgasoil")

! Relations final products - intermediate products
 produce("butane") = produce("distbutane") + produce("refbutane") - 
 produce("petrol") = sum(p in IPETROL) produce(p)
 produce("diesel") = sum(p in IDIESEL) produce(p)
 produce("heating") = sum(p in IHO) produce(p)

! Properties of petrol
 sum(p in IPETROL) OCT(p)*produce(p) >= 94*produce("petrol")
 sum(p in IPETROL) VAP(p)*produce(p) <= 12.7*produce("petrol")
 sum(p in IPETROL) VOL(p)*produce(p) >= 17*produce("petrol")

! Limit on sulfur in diesel oil
 sum(p in IDIESEL) SULF(p)*produce(p) <= 0.05*produce("diesel")

! Crude availabilities
 forall(c in CRUDES) use(c) <= AVAIL(c)

! Production capacities
 produce("naphtha") <= 30000               ! Reformer
 produce("gasoil") <= 50000                ! Desulfurization
 produce("residue") <= 40000               ! Cracker

! Satisfy demands
 forall(p in FINAL) produce(p) >= DEM(p)

! Solve the problem

! Solution printing
 writeln("Production costs: ", strfmt(getobjval,10,2))
 forall(c in CRUDES) writeln(c, ": ", getsol(use(c)))
 forall(p in ALLPRODS) writeln(p, ": ", getsol(produce(p)))
 writeln("Petrol properties:")
 writeln(" octane: ", 
   getsol(sum(p in IPETROL) OCT(p)*produce(p))/ getsol(produce("petrol")),
   " vapor presure: ", 
   getsol(sum(p in IPETROL) VAP(p)*produce(p))/ getsol(produce("petrol")),
   " volatility: ", 
   getsol(sum(p in IPETROL) VOL(p)*produce(p))/ getsol(produce("petrol")))
 writeln("Sulfur in diesel oil: ", 
   getsol(sum(p in IDIESEL) SULF(p)*produce(p))/getsol(produce("diesel")) )


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