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Folio - Advanced modelling and solving tasks

Advanced modelling and solving tasks for a portfolio optimization problem:
  • Automated solver tuning (foliolptune.mos)
  • Defining an integer solution callback (foliocb.mos)
  • Using the solution enumerator for multiple MIP solutions (folioenumsol.mos)
  • Handling infeasibility
    • handling infeasibility through deviation variables (folioinfeas.mos)
    • retrieving infeasible row/column from presolve (folioinfcause.mos)
    • retrieving IIS - LP or MIP infeasible (folioiis.mos, foliomiis.mos)
    • using the built-in infeasibility repair functionality (foliorep.mos)
    • same as foliorep, using an 'mpsol' object (foliorep_sol.mos)
  • Data transfer in memory
    • running foliomemio.mos with data transfer in memory (runfolio.mos)
    • same running foliomemio2.mos, grouping tables with identical index sets in "initializations" blocks (runfolio2.mos)
    • master model running several model instances in parallel (runfoliopar.mos)
  • Remote models on a distributed architecture
    • running foliomemio.mos on a remote instance of Mosel (runfoliodistr.mos)
    • master model running several model instances in parallel, each on a different (remote) instance of Mosel (runfoliopardistr.mos)
  • Remote execution via XPRD
    • See examples in the Mosel Whitepapers directory moselpar/XPRD
  • XML and JSON data formats
    • reading data from an XML file, solution output in XML format on screen and to a new file (folioxml.mos, folioxmlqp.mos)
    • generate HTML output file as an XML document (runfolioxml.mos)
    • using JSON-format data files, reading data from a JSON file, solution output in JSON format on screen and to a new file (foliojson.mos)
  • HTTP
    • starting an HTTP server managing requests from HTTP clients (foliohttpsrv.mos)
    • HTTP client exchanging XML data files with an HTTP server (foliohttpclient.mos)

Source Files

Data Files


   Mosel Example Problems

   file folioinfeas.mos
   Modeling an LP problem 
   to perform portfolio optimization.

   Linear version of the model in foliomip3.mos.
   -- Infeasible model parameter values --
   -- Handling infeasibility through auxiliary variables --
  (c) 2008 Fair Isaac Corporation
      author: S.Heipcke, Dec. 2008, rev. Sep. 2018

model "Portfolio optimization with MIP"
 uses "mmxprs"

  MAXRISK = 1/3                     ! Max. investment into high-risk values
  MINREG = 0.3                      ! Min. investment per geogr. region
  MAXREG = 0.5                      ! Max. investment per geogr. region
  MAXSEC = 0.1                      ! Max. investment per ind. sector
  MAXVAL = 0.2                      ! Max. investment per share
  MINVAL = 0.1                      ! Min. investment per share
  DATAFILE = "folio250.dat"         ! File with problem data

 forward procedure print_sol

  SHARES: set of string              ! Set of shares
  RISK: set of string                ! Set of high-risk values among shares
  REGIONS: set of string             ! Geographical regions
  TYPES: set of string               ! Share types (ind. sectors)
  LOC: array(REGIONS) of set of string ! Sets of shares per geogr. region
  RET: array(SHARES) of real         ! Estimated return in investment
  SEC: array(TYPES) of set of string ! Sets of shares per industry sector

 initializations from DATAFILE

 public declarations
  frac: array(SHARES) of mpvar      ! Fraction of capital used per share
  Return: linctr                    ! Total return
  LimitRisk: linctr                 ! Max. percentage of high-risk values
  LimitMinReg,LimitMaxReg: array(REGIONS) of linctr  ! Min/max perc. per region
  LimitSec: array(TYPES) of linctr  ! Max. percentage per industry sector
  TotalOne: linctr                  ! Spend all the capital

! Objective: total return
 Return:= sum(s in SHARES) RET(s)*frac(s) 

! Limit the percentage of high-risk values
 LimitRisk:= sum(s in RISK) frac(s) <= MAXRISK

! Limits on geographical distribution
 forall(r in REGIONS) do
  LimitMinReg(r):= sum(s in LOC(r)) frac(s) >= MINREG
  LimitMaxReg(r):= sum(s in LOC(r)) frac(s) <= MAXREG

! Diversification across industry sectors
 forall(t in TYPES) LimitSec(t):= sum(s in SEC(t)) frac(s) <= MAXSEC

! Spend all the capital
 TotalOne:= sum(s in SHARES) frac(s) = 1
! Upper bounds on the investment per share
 forall(s in SHARES) frac(s) <= MAXVAL

! Display Optimizer log
 setparam("XPRS_verbose", true)

! Solve the problem (using primal Simplex to minimize infeasibilities)

  mx,mdj: set of mpvar
  mslack,mdual: set of linctr
  devRisk: mpvar
  devMinReg,devMaxReg: array(REGIONS) of mpvar
  devSec: array(TYPES) of mpvar

 if getprobstat=XPRS_INF then
 ! Print some details
  getinfeas(mx, mslack, mdual, mdj)
  writeln("Infeasible variables:")
  forall(v in mx) writeln("  ",getname(v))
  forall(v in mdj) writeln("  ",getname(v))
  writeln("Infeasible constraints:")
  forall(c in mslack) writeln("  ",getname(c))
  forall(c in mdual) writeln("  ",getname(c))
  writeln("#### Original problem infeasible. Adding deviation variables ####")

 ! Add deviation variables to make problem solvable
  LimitRisk -= devRisk
  forall(r in REGIONS) do
   LimitMinReg(r) += devMinReg(r)
   LimitMaxReg(r) -= devMaxReg(r)
   devMaxReg(r) <= MAXREG/2  ! Only allow small deviations
  forall(t in TYPES) do
   LimitSec(t) -= devSec(t)
   devSec(t)<= MAXSEC/2              ! Only allow small deviations
  Penalty:= devRisk + sum(r in REGIONS) (devMinReg(r)+devMaxReg(r)) +
            sum(t in TYPES) devSec(t)
 ! Resolve the problem with penalty terms added to the objective
  maximize(Return - 10*Penalty)

  if getprobstat=XPRS_INF then
   writeln("No solution after relaxation")
  writeln("Constraint violations:")
  writeln("  Constraint            Activity  Deviation  Bound(s)")
  writeln("  Risk                  ", 
          strfmt(getsol(sum(s in RISK) frac(s)),-10), 
          strfmt(devRisk.sol,-10), " (", MAXRISK, ")")
  forall(r in REGIONS)
   writeln("  Region ", strfmt(r,-11), "    ", 
           strfmt(getsol(sum(s in LOC(r)) frac(s)),-10), 
           " (", MINREG, "-",MAXREG,")")
  forall(t in TYPES)
   writeln("  Sector ", strfmt(t,-14), " ", 
           strfmt(getsol(sum(s in SEC(t)) frac(s)),-10),  
           strfmt(devSec(t).sol,-10), " (", MAXSEC, ")")    


! Solution printing
 procedure print_sol
  writeln("Solution ", getparam("XPRS_MIPSOLS"))
  writeln("Total return: ", getsol(Return))
  forall(s in SHARES | getsol(frac(s))>0)
   writeln(s, ": ", getsol(frac(s))*100, "%")

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