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Open shop scheduling

A satellite routes the traffic from four transmitter stations to four receiver stations. It has a switch that allows any permutation (mode) between the four transmitters and the four receivers. A valid schedule of transmissions defines a sequence of permutations that routes all the traffic of the given traffic matrix TRAF. An element of TRAF may be fragmented, and appear in several modes of the final decomposition. The objective is to find a schedule with minimal total duration. The solution algorithm solves an assignment problem for every permutation.

Further explanation of this example: 'Applications of optimization with Xpress-MP', Section 12.5 'Scheduling of telecommunications via satellite' (g5satell.mos)[download all files]

Source Files
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Data Files


! Data file for `openshop.mos'

TRAF: [  0  7 11 15
        15  8 13  9
        17 12  6 10
         6 13 15  4]

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