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Using XML-format files as databases

  • Using xpath search expressions to retrieve (lists of) nodes
  • Editing an XML file: adding, copying, deleting nodes
  • Configuring the appearance (e.g. spacing) of XML output files
The example 'booksearch.mos' works with a database file documenting the example models from the book 'Applications of optimizaion with Xpress-MP'.

The example 'xmlrefexpl.mos' works with a personnel database, retrieving and modifying some of its entries.

Further explanation of this example: 'Mosel Language Reference', Chapter 'mmxml'

Source Files

Data Files


   Mosel Example Problems

   file xmlrefexpl.mos
   Example for mmxml ref man.

   Working with a personnel database of the format:
       <employee id=""> 
  (c) 2012 Fair Isaac Corporation
      author: S.Heipcke, Sep. 2012

model "xmlref examples"
  uses "mmxml"

    DB: xmldoc
    NodeList, Employees, AllEmployees: list of integer
    Root, Pers: integer
    NodeNames: set of string
! Reading data from an XML file
  load(DB, "refexample.xml")

! Set indentation mode for XML output (default after load: MANUAL)
  setindentmode(DB, XML_AUTO)

! 'getnode' / 'getnodes'
! Get the first element that is not a comment or a processing instruction
  Root:= getnode(DB,"*")     ! Same as: getnode(DB,0,"*")

! Get the name of the employee with attribute id="T345"
  writeln("**** id='T345': ", getvalue(DB, getnode(DB,
    "personnelList/region/employee[@id='T345']/name") ))

! Get the 'region' node with id=EMEA
  EMEA:= getnode(DB, "personnelList/region[@id='EMEA']")

 ! Check for employee record (node) for 'Sam' under 'EMEA'
  if getnode(DB, EMEA, "employee/name[string()='Sam']/..")<0 then
    writeln("No employee called 'Sam' in EMEA")

! List all employees
  writeln("**** All employees:")
  getnodes(DB, "personnelList/region/employee", AllEmployees)
  forall(p in AllEmployees)
    writeln(textfmt(getvalue(DB, getnode(DB, p, "name")), -10),  
            " (ID: ", getattr(DB,p,"id"), 
	    ") region: ", getattr(DB, getparent(DB, p), "id"))

! Get all employees in the Americas
  getnodes(DB, "personnelList/region[@id='AM']/employee", Employees)
  writeln("**** Americas employees:")
  forall(p in Employees) save(DB, p, "")

! All employees who started before 2005
  getnodes(DB, "personnelList/region/employee/startDate[number()<2005]/..",
  writeln("**** Started before 2005:")
  forall(p in Employees) save(DB, p, "")

! All employees whose names start with "J"
  writeln("**** Names starting with 'J':")
  forall(n in AllEmployees) do
    getnodes(DB, n, "./name[starts-with(string(),'J')]/..", Employees)
    forall(p in Employees) save(DB, p, "")

! Employees speaking at least 3 languages (=have a third "language" entry)
  writeln("**** Speaking at least 3 languages:")
  forall(p in Employees) save(DB, p, "")

! 'testattr' / 'delattr'
! Switch part-time workers to full-time (delete attribute "parttime")
  getnodes(DB, "personnelList/region/employee[@parttime]", Employees)
  writeln("**** Number of part-time workers: ", Employees.size)
  forall(p in AllEmployees | testattr(DB, p, "parttime")) do
    writeln(getvalue(DB, getnode(DB, p, "name")))
    delattr(DB, p, "parttime")

! 'addnode'
! Add a node to the end of the APAC region personnel list
  APAC:= getnode(DB, "personnelList/region[@id='APAC']")
 ! Append a new node to 'APAC' and set its attribute 'id':
  NewPers:= addnode(DB, APAC, XML_LASTCHILD, XML_ELT, "employee")
  setattr(DB, NewPers, "id", "T432")
 ! Create a comment:
  n:= addnode(DB, NewPers, XML_COM, "This is a new employee")
 ! Add 2 nodes containing the specified text (nodes):
  n:= addnode(DB, NewPers, XML_ELT, "startDate", text(2012))
  n:= addnode(DB, NewPers, XML_ELT, "name", "Tim")
 ! Add an empty node, then set its contents:
  n:= addnode(DB, NewPers, XML_ELT, "address")
  setvalue(DB, n, "Sydney")
 ! Add an empty node, then create its contents as a text node:
  n:= addnode(DB, NewPers, XML_ELT, "language")
  n:= addnode(DB, n, XML_TXT, "English")
  writeln("**** Newly added person:")
  save(DB, NewPers, "")
!  save(DB, APAC, "")

! 'getfirstchild' / 'getlastchild' / 'getnext'
  writeln("**** APAC employees:")
  Pers:= getfirstchild(DB, APAC)
  LastPers:= getlastchild(DB, APAC)
  while(Pers>-1) do
    if getname(DB, Pers)="employee" then
      write(" ", getattr(DB,Pers,"id"), ":", getvalue(DB, getnode(DB, Pers, "name")))
    if Pers=LastPers then writeln; end-if
    Pers:= getnext(DB, Pers)  

! 'copy' / 'delnode' / 'setvalue'
! Employee Lisa moves to Delhi:
 ! Retrieve employee record (node) for 'Lisa'
  Pers:= getnode(DB, "personnelList/region/employee/name[string()='Lisa']/..")
 ! Copy node, then delete in original location
  NewPers:= copynode(DB, Pers, DB, APAC, XML_LASTCHILD)
  delnode(DB, Pers)
 ! Update the 'address' information
  setvalue(DB, getnode(DB, NewPers, "address"), "Delhi")
  writeln("**** After moving:")
  save(DB, NewPers, "")

! Spacing: * add line in between regions;
!          * display three consecutive tags within 'employee' on a single line
! Originally read data has spacing information, newly defined entries all
! need to be set manually -> we redefine spaces for every tag

! New line without indentation for Root
  setvspace(DB, Root, 1)

! Add extra line in between regions, keeping original indentation
  getnodes(DB, "personnelList/region", NodeList)
  forall(r in NodeList) setvspace(DB, r, 2)

! Spacing/indentation for 'employee' tag
  getnodes(DB, "personnelList/region/employee", Employees)
  forall(p in Employees) do
    setvspace(DB, p, 1); sethspace(DB, p, 4)

  ! Within 'employee', display up to three consecutive tags on a single line
    getnodes(DB, p, "child::node()[position() mod 3=1]", NodeList)
    forall(r in NodeList) do
      setvspace(DB, r, 1); sethspace(DB, r, 6)
    getnodes(DB, p, "child::node()[position() mod 3<>1]", NodeList)
    forall(r in NodeList) do
      setvspace(DB, r, 0); sethspace(DB, r, 1)


! First 'language' starts on a new line and others are printed on the same line
    "personnelList/region/employee/language[position()>=2]", NodeList)
  forall(r in NodeList) do
    setvspace(DB, r, 0); sethspace(DB, r, 1)
    "personnelList/region/employee/language[position()=1]", NodeList)
  forall(r in NodeList) do
    setvspace(DB, r, 1); sethspace(DB, r, 6)

  writeln("**** Manual formatting:")
! Set indentation mode to 'manual' to see our own formatting
  setindentmode(DB, XML_MANUAL)

!  save(DB, NewPers, "")
  save(DB, "")

! 'getname'
! Collect the names of all element nodes occurring in a document:
  getnodes(DB, "/descendant-or-self::node()", NodeList)
  NodeNames:= union(r in NodeList | gettype(DB,r)=XML_ELT) {getname(DB,r)}
  writeln("**** Names of element nodes: ", NodeNames)


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