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UG - Examples from 'BCL Reference Manual'

The following examples are discussed in detail in the 'BCL User Guide and Reference Manual':
  • modeling and solving a small MIP scheduling problem (xbexpl1.c version BASIC)
  • using variable arrays and constraint templates (xbexpl1.c versions ARRAY and ARRAYC)
  • definition of SOS-1 (xbexpl1 version SOS)
  • data input from file, index sets (xbexpl1i)
  • user error handling, output redirection (xbexpl3)
  • solving multiple scenarios of a transportation problem in parallel (xbexpl2: standard, single thread version; xbscenar: defining multiple problems, each in a separate thread)
  • cut generation / adding cuts at MIP tree nodes (xbcutex)
  • quadratic programming (quadratic objective: xbqpr12, quadratic constraints: xbairport)
  • combine BCL problem input with problem solving in Xpress Optimizer (xbcontr1)
  • use an Xpress Optimizer solution callback with a BCL model (xbcontr2s: single MIP thread; xbcontr2: multiple MIP threads)
Further explanation of this example: 'BCL Reference Manual', Appendix B Using BCL with the Optimizer library

Source Files

Data Files


ABC14, 3
DE45F, 4
GH9IJ99, 2 
KLMN789, 2

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