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Save/access a postsolved solution in memory

We take the knapsack problem in burglar.mat and instigate a global search. Whenever an integer solution it found it is postsolved, stored in memory, and printed to an output file. The best and final solution values, and other global search information, are displayed on screen.[download all files]

Source Files

Data Files


NAME          burglar 
 N  ValMax  
 L  Wmax    
    x_____01  ValMax       15.000000   Wmax          2.000000
    x_____02  ValMax      100.000000   Wmax         20.000000
    x_____03  ValMax       90.000000   Wmax         20.000000
    x_____04  ValMax       60.000000   Wmax         30.000000
    x_____05  ValMax       40.000000   Wmax         40.000000
    x_____06  ValMax       15.000000   Wmax         30.000000
    x_____07  ValMax       10.000000   Wmax         60.000000
    x_____08  ValMax        1.000000   Wmax         10.000000
    RHS00001  Wmax        102.000000
 BV BOUND001  x_____01
 BV BOUND001  x_____02
 BV BOUND001  x_____03
 BV BOUND001  x_____04
 BV BOUND001  x_____05
 BV BOUND001  x_____06
 BV BOUND001  x_____07
 BV BOUND001  x_____08

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