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Basic QCQP solver interface for Xpress Optimizer

Language extensions provided by this module:
  • type: extension of mpproblem
  • subroutines: procedures and functions
  • implementation of a callback function
  • services: reset, unload, accessing and enumerating parameters, module dependency
  • parameters: real, integer, boolean
  • constants: integer

Source Files

Data Files


   Mosel NI examples

   file catenary_mx.mos
   QCQP problem (linear objective, convex quadratic constraints)
   Based on AMPL model catenary.mod
   (Source: )

   This model finds the shape of a hanging chain by
   minimizing its potential energy.

   - Using the myqxprs module -

   (c) 2008 Fair Issac Corporation
       author: S. Heipcke, May 2008, rev. Apr. 2018

model "catenary - myqxprs version"
 uses "myqxprs"

  N = 100                       ! Number of chainlinks
  L = 1                         ! Difference in x-coordinates of endlinks
  H = 2*L/N                     ! Length of each link

  RN = 0..N
  x: array(RN) of mpvar         ! x-coordinates of endpoints of chainlinks
  y: array(RN) of mpvar         ! y-coordinates of endpoints of chainlinks
  PotentialEnergy: linctr       ! Objective function
  Link: array(range) of nlctr   ! Constraints

 forall(i in RN) x(i) is_free
 forall(i in RN) y(i) is_free

! Objective: minimise the potential energy
 PotentialEnergy:= sum(j in 1..N) (y(j-1)+y(j))/2

! Bounds: positions of endpoints
! Left anchor
  x(0) = 0; y(0) = 0
! Right anchor
  x(N) = L; y(N) = 0

! Constraints: positions of chainlinks
 forall(j in 1..N) 
  Link(j):= (x(j)-x(j-1))^2+(y(j)-y(j-1))^2 <= H^2

! Setting start values
 forall(j in RN) setinitval(x(j), j*L/N)
 forall(j in RN) setinitval(y(j), 0)

! Configuration of the solver
 setparam("myxp_verbose", true) 

! Solve the problem

! Solution reporting
 if getprobstat<>MYXP_OPT and getprobstat<>MYXP_UNF then
  writeln("No solution available. Solver status: ", getprobstat)
  writeln("Solution: ", getobjval)
  forall(j in RN) 
   writeln(strfmt(getsol(x(j)),10,5), " ", strfmt(getsol(y(j)),10,5))


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