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Basic embedding tasks

  • ugcomptmp.cs: Compiling a model into a BIM file saved in Mosel's temporary directory (requires burglar2.mos, burglar.dat)
  • ugrun.cs: Compiling a model into a BIM file, then load and run it (requires burglar2.bim, burglar.dat)
  • ugdefstream.cs: Redirecting the model output (requires burglar2.mos, burglar.dat)
  • ugarray.cs: Accessing modeling objects: sparse arrays (requires transport.mos, transprt.dat)
  • ugcb.cs: Retrieve model output via a callback into a custom TextWriter (requires burglar2.mos, burglar.dat)
  • ugcb2.cs: Retrieve model output via a callback into a string (requires burglar2.mos, burglar.dat)
  • ugparam.cs: Passing parameters to a Mosel model (requires prime.mos)
  • Accessing modeling objects and solution information (requires burglar3.mos, burglar.dat)

Source Files

Data Files


   Mosel User Guide Example Problems

   file ugarray.cs
   Accessing modeling objects (sparse arrays).
   (c) 2013 Fair Isaac Corporation
       author: S.Heipcke, Apr. 2013 

using System;
using System.IO;
using Mosel;

namespace ugarray.cs {

  public class ugarray {
    /// <summary>
    /// Main entry point for the application
    /// </summary>
    static void Main(string[] args) {
      XPRMArray varr;
      XPRMSet[] sets;
      XPRMValue[] vindex;
      int dim;

      // Initialize Mosel
      XPRM mosel = XPRM.Init();

      // Compile and load a model
      XPRMModel model = mosel.CompileAndLoad("transport.mos");

      // Run the model

      // Get model object 'flow', it must be an array
      dim = varr.Dim;           // Get the number of dimensions of the array
      sets = varr.IndexSets;    // Get the indexing sets

      // Enumerate over the true entries
      foreach(int[] indices in varr.TEIndices)
        // Get the values for this index
        vindex = varr.DereferenceIndex(indices);
        for(int i=0;i<dim-1;i++)
          Console.Write(vindex[i] + ",");
        Console.Write(vindex[dim-1] + "), ");

        // Alternative printing method:
        // Console.Write("flow" + varr.IndexToString(indices) + ", ");

      model.Reset();                         // Reset the model

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