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Working with multiple models: submodels, coordination, communication, and parallelization

The Mosel module mmjobs enables the user to work with several models concurrently. We show here a series of examples of basic tasks that typically need to be performed when working with several models in Mosel:

Parallel computing:
  • Running a submodel from another Mosel model: runtestsub.mos (main model executing testsub.mos)
  • Retrieving termination status from submodels (means of coordination of different models): runsubevnt.mos (main model executing testsub.mos)
  • Retrieving user event sent by the submodel: runsubevnt2.mos (main model executing testsubev.mos)
  • Stopping a submodel: runsubwait.mos (main model executing testsub.mos)
  • Compiling to memory: runsubmem.mos (main model executing testsub.mos)
  • Setting runtime parameters: runrtparam.mos (main model executing rtparams.mos)
  • Sequential execution of submodels: runrtparseq.mos (main model executing rtparams.mos)
  • Parallel execution of submodels: runrtparprl.mos (main model executing rtparams.mos)
  • Parallel execution with cloning of submodels: runrtparclone.mos (main model executing rtparams.mos)
  • Job queue for parallel execution of submodels: runrtparqueue.mos (main model executing rtparams.mos)
  • Using the shmem (shared memory) I/O driver for data exchange (bin format): runsubshm.mos (main model executing testsubshm.mos)
  • Using the shmem (shared memory) I/O driver for data exchange (raw format): runsubshmr.mos (main model executing testsubshmr.mos)
  • Using the mempipe (memory pipe) I/O driver for data exchange: runsubpip.mos (main model executing testsubpip.mos)
  • Sharing data between cloned models: runsubclone.mos (main model executing a copy of itself)
Distributed computing:
  • Check for available remote Mosel servers: findservers.mos
  • Run a single model on a remote machine: runrtdistr.mos (main model executing rtparams.mos)
  • Run a single model on a remote machine with configuration options: runrtdistrconf.mos (main model executing rtparams.mos)
  • Running parallel submodels in a distributed architecture: runrtpardistr.mos (main model executing rtparams3.mos)
  • Queuing submodels for parallel execution in a distributed architecture with one or several models per node: runrtparqueued.mos (main model executing rtparams3.mos)
  • 3-level tree of (parallel) submodels: runrtpartree.mos (main model executing rtparams2.mos)
  • Running a submodel that detaches itself from its parent: runrtdetach.mos (main model executing rtparams4.mos)
  • Using the shmem (shared memory) I/O driver for data exchange (bin format): runsubshmdistr.mos (main model executing testsubshm.mos)
Further explanation of this example: Xpress Whitepaper 'Multiple models and parallel solving with Mosel', Section 'Basic tasks'.

Source Files


   Mosel Example Problems 

   file runsubshmdistr.mos
   Running a model on a remote machine.
   Communication of data to/from submodel
   using 'shmem' IO driver with 'bin' and 'rmt'.
   (c) 2017 Fair Isaac Corporation
       author: S. Heipcke, June 2017

model "Run model testsubshm remotely"
 uses "mmjobs"

  mosInst: Mosel
  modSub: Model
  A = 30..40 
  B: array(A) of real
  nd: integer
                                   ! Compile the model file
 if compile("testsubshm.mos")<>0 then exit(1); end-if

       !!! Use the name or IP address of a machine in
       !!! your local network, or "" for current node
                                   ! Open connection to a remote node:
 if connect(mosInst, NODENAME)<>0 then exit(2); end-if
                                   ! Load the bim file into the remote instance
 load(mosInst, modSub, "rmt:[-1]testsubshm.bim")

                                   ! Write data onto the instance of the submod.
 initializations to "bin:rmt:["+nd+"]shmem:indata"

 run(modSub)                       ! Start model execution
 wait                              ! Wait for model termination
 dropnextevent                     ! Ignore termination event message

 initializations from "bin:rmt:["+nd+"]shmem:resdata"


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