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Economics and finance

Problem name and type, featuresDifficulty
H‑1 Choice of loans *
calculation of net present value
H‑2 Publicity campaign *
H‑3 Portfolio selection **
sets of integers, second formulation with semi-continuous, parameters
H‑4 Financing an early retirement scheme **
inline if, selection with `|'
H‑5 Family budget **
formulation of monthly balance constraints including different payment frequencies; as, mod, inline if, selection with `|'
H‑6 Choice of expansion projects **
experiment with solutions: solve LP problem explicitly, ``round'' some almost integer variable and re-solve
H‑7 Mean variance portfolio selection: Quadratic Programming problem ***
parameters, forall-do, min, max, loop over problem solving

Further explanation of this example: 'Applications of optimization with Xpress-MP', Chapter 13: Economics and finance problems[download all files]

Source Files

Data Files


   Mosel Example Problems

   file h4retire.mos
   Financing an early retirement scheme
   (c) 2008 Fair Isaac Corporation
       author: S. Heipcke, Mar. 2002

model "H-4 Retirement"
 uses "mmxprs"

  BONDS = {"SNCF","Fujitsu","Treasury"}  ! Set of bonds
  NT = 7                              ! Length of planning period
  YEARS = 1..NT
  DEM: array(YEARS) of integer        ! Annual payments for retirement
  VALUE: array(BONDS) of real         ! Unit price of bonds
  RATE: array(BONDS) of real          ! Remuneration rates paid by bonds
  RET: array(BONDS) of real           ! Unit annual interest of bonds
  DUR: array(BONDS) of real           ! Duration of loans
  INTEREST: real                      ! Interest for other secure investment
  buy: array(BONDS) of mpvar          ! Number of bonds acquired
  invest: array(YEARS) of mpvar       ! Other annual investment
  capital: mpvar                      ! Total capital required

 initializations from 'h4retire.dat'

 forall(b in BONDS) RET(b):= VALUE(b)*RATE(b)/100

! Annual balances
 capital - sum(b in BONDS) VALUE(b)*buy(b) - invest(1) = DEM(1)

 forall(t in 2..NT)
  sum(b in BONDS | DUR(b)+1>=t) (RET(b)*buy(b) + 
                                 if(DUR(b)+1=t, VALUE(b)*buy(b), 0)) +
   (1+INTEREST/100)*invest(t-1) - if(t<NT, invest(t), 0) = DEM(t)

 forall(b in BONDS) buy(b) is_integer

! Solve the problem: minimize invested capital
! Solution printing
 writeln("Total capital: ", getobjval)
 writeln("Number of bonds to buy:")
 forall(b in BONDS) write(b, ": ", getsol(buy(b)), 
                          " (price: ", VALUE(b)*getsol(buy(b)), ") ")
 writeln("\nOther investment:") 
 forall(t in 1..NT-1) write("   year ", t)
 forall(t in 1..NT-1) write(strfmt(getsol(invest(t)),9,3))

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