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Folio - Embedding examples from 'Getting started'

Simple embedding tasks for a portfolio optimization problem:
  • loading and running a BIM file (foliorun.bas)
  • executing a Mosel model (folioexec.bas)
  • parameterized model execution (folioparam.bas)[download all files]

Source Files

Data Files


! Data file for `folio*.mos'

RET: [("treasury") 5 ("hardware") 17 ("theater") 26 ("telecom") 12     
      ("brewery") 8 ("highways") 9 ("cars") 7 ("bank") 6
      ("software") 31 ("electronics") 21 ]

DEV: [("treasury") 0.1 ("hardware") 19 ("theater") 28 ("telecom") 22
      ("brewery") 4 ("highways") 3.5 ("cars") 5 ("bank") 0.5 
      ("software") 25 ("electronics") 16 ]

NAMES:  ["treasury" "hardware" "theater" "telecom" "brewery" "highways" "cars" "bank" "software" "electronics"]

COUNTRY: ["Canada" "USA" "USA" "USA" "UK" "France" "Germany" "Luxemburg" "India" "Japan"]

RISK: ["hardware" "theater" "telecom" "software" "electronics"]

NA: ["treasury" "hardware" "theater" "telecom"]

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