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Solving a non-fixed Mosel model using a REST webservice, from Mosel

In this example, the Xpress Executor should first be configured with the runzippedsubmodel.mos model. Then, you run the blendxe.mos model locally; this uses REST webservice requests to send the blend3c model and blend.csv file to the Xpress Executor and remotely solve the model using this, then downloads and displays the results. This demonstrates how the Xpress Executor can be used to run many different models. This example requires a local installation of Xpress.[download all files]

Source Files

Data Files


   Mosel User Guide Example Problems

   file blend3c.mos
   Reading data from an Excel spreadsheet
   - using the CSV driver -
   (c) 2013 Fair Isaac Corporation
       author: S. Heipcke, Jan. 2013

model "Blend 3" 
 uses  "mmxprs", "mmsheet" 


  REV = 125                      ! Unit revenue of product
  MINGRADE = 4                   ! Minimum permitted grade of product
  MAXGRADE = 5                   ! Maximum permitted grade of product
  ORES = 1..2                    ! Range of ores

  COST: array(ORES) of real      ! Unit cost of ores
  AVAIL: array(ORES) of real     ! Availability of ores
  GRADE: array(ORES) of real     ! Grade of ores (measured per unit of mass)

  use: array(ORES) of mpvar      ! Quantities of ores used

!*** Read data from spreadsheet blend.csv ***
! Spreadsheet range contains data only (no header line):
 initializations from "mmsheet.csv:"+INPUTFILE
  [COST,AVAIL,GRADE] as "[B3:E4]"    ! or: "[R3C2:R4C5]"

(! Or (spreadsheet range includes a header line as with ODBC):
 initializations from "mmsheet.csv:"+INPUTFILE
  [COST,AVAIL,GRADE] as "skiph;[B2:E4]" 

! Objective: maximize total profit
 Profit:= sum(o in ORES) (REV-COST(o))* use(o)

! Lower and upper bounds on ore quality
 sum(o in ORES) (GRADE(o)-MINGRADE)*use(o) >= 0
 sum(o in ORES) (MAXGRADE-GRADE(o))*use(o) >= 0

! Set upper bounds on variables
 forall(o in ORES) use(o) <= AVAIL(o)

 maximize(Profit)                 ! Solve the LP-problem

 ! Print out the solution
 writeln("Solution:\n Objective: ", getobjval)
 forall(o in ORES)  writeln(" use(" + o + "): ", getsol(use(o)))

 ! Write solution to CSV file
  solvalues: array(ORES) of real
 forall (o in ORES) solvalues(o) := getsol(use(o))
 initializations to "mmsheet.csv:"+RESULTFILE
  solvalues as "grow;[A1:B1]"


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