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Running Mosel models from MATLAB

Simple models to illustrate the interface:
  • example_m1: trivial Mosel program to be executed from MATLAB
  • example_m2: Mosel program that uses the MATLAB I/O driver
  • example_m3: MATLAB script embedding a Mosel program
  • example_m4: pass data from MATLAB to Mosel via an 'initializations' block
  • example_m5: Mosel retrieving a MATLAB sparse matrix
  • example_m6: MATLAB using the Mosel Java interface

Source Files


   Mosel Matlab Example Problems

   file example_m2.mos
   Printing a MATLAB string variable 
  (c) 2014 Fair Isaac Corporation
      author: L.Bertacco, Apr. 2014

model "example_m2" 
 uses "mmsystem";
 fcopy("matlab.mws:message", "")
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