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'cumulative' and 'disjunctive' constraints for scheduling and planning problems

  • cumulative.mos: using the 'cumulative' constraint to formulate a scheduling problem with resource constraints (renewable resource with discrete capacity)
  • disjunctive.mos: using the 'disjunctive' constraint for implementing a sequencing problem (single-maching scheduling minimizing the total weighted tardiness.
  • resource_capacity.mos: using 'task' and 'resource' objects to model a cumulative resource relation (renewable resource with different capacity levels over time).
  • resource_coupled_setup_times.mos: specifying setup times between pairs of tasks assigned to the same resource.
Further explanation of this example: 'Xpress Kalis Reference Manual'

Source Files


   CP example problems
   file resource_coupled_setup_times.mos
   Resource-dependent setup times between two tasks.

   r.assign(t1) and r.assign(t2) => t1.end + setupt1t2 <= t2.start or
                                    t2.end + setupt2t1 <= t1.start

   Copyright(C) 2019 Artelys S.A. and Fair Isaac Corporation
                     Creation: 2019

model "Resource coupled setup time"
 uses "kalis"

  r: cpresource
  t1, t2, t3, t4, t5, t6: cptask

! Resource and task configuration
 set_resource_attributes(r, KALIS_DISCRETE_RESOURCE, 4, KALIS_TIMETABLING)
 L:=[t1, t2, t3, t4, t5, t6]
 forall(t in L, ct as counter) do
   setname(t, "t"+ct)
   setduration(t, 20)
   requires(t, 1, r)

! Resource-dependent setup times
 Dur1to2 := 11
 Dur2to1 := 6
 setsetuptime(r, t1, t2, Dur1to2, Dur2to1)

! Change (overwrite) setup time values
 setsetuptime(r, t3, t4, 10, 5)
 Dur3to4 := 1
 Dur4to3 := 5
 setsetuptime(r, t3, t4, Dur3to4, Dur4to3)

! No setup times between a pair of tasks
 setsetuptime(r, t5, t6, 0, 0)

 if cp_schedule(getmakespan) = 0 then
  writeln("Inconsistent schedule")

 forall(t in L) writeln(, " starts at: ", getsol(getstart(t)))

 if (getsol(getstart(t5)) = getsol(getstart(t6))) then
  writeln("No setup time between t5 and t6")



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